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+7 495 226-87 -77


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Moscow, Russia,
Genaral Dorokhov Street, 6


5 Reasons To Work With Us


Save time and money
in looking for materials

Our managers will agree with you the necessary product range, convenient delivery time and terms. Don’t keep it in your mind: we’d be glad to help you with picking up materials and delivery to your warehouse that you have time to achieve maximum efficiency of your production.


Accurate color matching
In our own laboratory

The color lab is ready to offer a proper creation and mixing of the fan RAL color by your request or given sample.


Engineering Support

All delivered production goes with our technological support, and if it’s necessary, our skilled experts help in solving any industrial problems.


Stable Product Stock

We have always a vacant place for your reserve products stock. And our free of charge delivery service should be interested for you!


Free Sample for Testing

We are ready to give you firstly free samples of our products that you can appreciate its high quality by your experience.


  • You are responsible for inks testing and their meeting
    the requirements.

  • You are purchasing manager and looking for the best commercial solutions for your production.

  • You are responsible for the quality and terms of output, negotiations with supplier and eventual results of all productive process.

How We Work

  • 1

    Leave your order at our website

  • 2

    We contact with you and agree order details

  • 3

    Sign a contract

  • 4

    We arrange a delivery

  • 5

    You start work

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Как мы работаем

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    Вы оставляете заявку на сайте

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    Мы связываемся с Вами и обсуждаем детали

  • 3

    Согласовываем график и подписываем договор

  • 4

    Осуществляем поставку продукции

  • 5

    Вы приступаете к запланированным работам

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